Veyvah Inn

Where the Maldivian tradition of treating a guest like a spiritual master carries on in an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness.

Located in Meemu Atoll Veyvah, Veyvah Inn Maldives Guest House is designed to provide maximum comfort for the guests. Central Maldives province local tourism hotel, offering a perfect mix of rest and relaxation pleasure. Located 135.25 km south from Male’ International airport. Combined with a heart whelming beach and a colorful sea of nature, mix with the entertainment of the culture.




The guesthouse consists of 03 spacious bed rooms with attached bathrooms. Each of our Guest House suites feature contemporary furnishings and amenities – all designed with your comfort in mind.

Our luxurious rooms are spacious and beautifully-decorated so you'll love the experience

Dinning Facility

Both Maldivian and European Foods are served at the request of the clients, both indoor and outdoor dining.

Veyvah Island has two local food cafés’ in addition to the Dinning facilities offered by the Guest House.

Breakfast will be served at a time that suits you.

Surfing In The Maldives

All spots in the Meemu Atoll are on a coast line facing to the east. There is always a left or a right hander well protected from the predominant wind directions. All spots are close to each other so that surfers can change spots within a few minutes!




Snorkel into the great coral reefs of beautiful Veyvah. Swim with turtles and have fun of fish feeding, take under water photos, with turtles and many other marine life such as sharks, lion fish, sea urchins and many more. Snorkeling gear are provided by free of charge. Traveling time for most of snorkel point will not be more than 15 minutes.

Sunset Fishing

Sunset Fishing

We allow you to empathize with the Maldivian customs and culture by experiencing one of the trademark industries of Maldives, the fishing industry. Embark on a adventure into the grand sea filled with plentiful fishes with the equipment provided, and have a fun time Upon request we can arrange.

Virgin Island Picnic

Virgin Island Picnic

On these uninhabited untouched beautiful islands, you can relax and sunbathe on white sandy beaches with more privacy. Spend your day in the crystal-clear waters; swimming, snorkeling and playing beach games while we prepare a barbecue lunch on the beach just for you.

Sandbank Trip

Sandbank Trip

What better way to enjoy the beauty of the white sandy beaches and the crystal clear oceans than walking on the beautiful and unique sand banks in the Maldivian sea. Enjoy the scenery as we take you to the beautiful and enticing sand banks Near Veyvah Island. Sand banks are a bed of sand in a small island from which you can experience the most clean and beautiful scenes of the Maldivian ocean and pure white sand.

Dolphin Cruise

Dolphin Cruise

Set cruise on a small speed boat to experience and meet the dolphins of the Maldives seas. Veyvah is known for its having a very high potential of being able to encounter dolphins and many other marine life. The beautiful seas of Maldives is an eden for dolphin and marine life lovers, the oceans are as lively as it is beautiful.

Local Island Visit

Local Island Visit

One of the most favorite trips is full day picnic islander visit, including BBQ lunch on the beach, drinking water, umbrellas and snorkeling equipment is taken as well. There is amazing snorkeling opportunity right from the beach, perfect even for beginners in snorkeling as there is no deep water or current. You can find wonderful big living coral trees.

Outdoor BBQ

Outdoor BBQ

There isn't a more beautiful way to end your day by watching the vibrant sunset colors over these beaches in Veyvah.

Cultural Music Night (Boduberu)

Cultural Music Night (Boduberu)

Experience the musical culture of Maldives with local dancers and musician performing the culture musical activity known as "Bodu Beru", which translates literally to big drum. It is unique to itself to portray Maldivian culture and traditions.

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We provide big game fishing, surf trips, wave surfing, wind surfing, snorkeling, island hopping, BBQ on desert island and much more.

Diving & snorkeling safaris

We, Maldives is known for its true beauty of the colorful corals and exotic underwater habitats. We provide safaris to the attractive snorkeling & diving points in Maldives.

City Tours

If you are into more of exploring our culture then city hotels are the best option or a city tour which will open all doors to Maldives culture, and we do arrange transfer and accommodations to island hopers.

Outbound Tours

We provide International Accommodation and tours. Create Memories anywhere anytime. It is our desire to offer our customers the widest selection possible of options while finalizing holiday plans. We work together to fine-tune the itinerary to build your ideal trip.

Inbound Tours

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Concierge services

Our Flight Support teams understand the need to provide personalized services to ensure that you travel is most comfortable and hassle-free.

We have had the pleasure and experience of providing our services to royal families, high level dignitaries, various government officials and celebrities, as well as other various VIPs.

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Catering Services

We offer VIP Handling catering services. Using highly reputed local caterers and hotels, as well as “Maldives inflight catering” We can provide everything from tasty sandwiches to the finest a la carte foods or BBQ’ed Red snapper. Whatever you or your client’s palates desire. We can provide it. All catering will be delivered to the aircraft.

Our team also oversees the meals provided to our clients are up to the international standards hygienic level to meet the customer satisfaction.

Crew Hotac & Transfer

T2M will help you get your choice of accommodation. We surely offer a very competitive rate for crew and passenger where we handle the flight.

Passenger Handling

Aviation Consultancy

T2M provides sub-charter brokerage worldwide finding you the best possible charter options for any aircraft type anytime, anywhere. The hassle with unpromising procedures, long waits for boarding and connections, and lack of privacy from commercial flying will be a thing of the past.

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24 Hour Customer Support

Permits / slot

With years of experience our team is always up-to-date with procedures and application process. Our excellent relations with the Civil Aviation Authority given us the ability to coordinate to obtain Overflying and landing permits fast and efficiently.

24-hour flight support

Our team will assist and co-ordinate you in filing flight plan to make your trip more convenient and hassle free. Flight plans can be submitted by telephone, fax or AFTN, or through the Internet. When the flight plan has been submitted via Internet, the pilot shall contact directly to ensure the flight plan is received correctly and has been approved by the Air Traffic Services.

Airport Ground Handling

We focus on providing ground handling for commercial, general aviation, and private ad hoc flights. Both for cargo, passengers, and ambulances, as well as for any other required needs. All of our customers' needs will be met and fulfilled. Our well-educated and trained employees are committed to meeting the needs of our customers. We take pride in operating with safety, speed, and efficiency. We will assist you with any urgent inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we guarantee that we will be the most reliable source in the Maldives.